On Tour 2018

We are touring two shows from our previous seasons. From mid-may to mid-June we will be touring The Gun Show, which we presented during our 2016 season. From June until July 8, we wil be touring our 2017 world premier hit show Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War.

The Gun Show

Ian Cloud

written by EM (Ellen) Lewis; directed by Mark Kuntz
One-man show, 65 minutes
Touring May 13 to June 17

EM (Ellen) Lewis' The Gun Show features poignant and humorous stories about her life growing up in the gun culture of rural Oregon. Ms. Lewis' complicated relationship with guns is brought to life by Bellingham's veteran performer Ian Bivins.

"The drama's life-changing moments evoke a here-and-now immediacy, not easily forgotten." LA Weekly

"...compelling, provocative, and unexpected...THE GUN SHOW is neither pro- or anti-gun. Instead, Lewis uses her own alternately tragic, funny and life-changing experiences with guns..." Chicago Sun Times

Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War

Emelia Bave

written by Steve Lyons; directed by Mark Kuntz
90 minutes plus intermission
Touring June 8 to July 8

The almost true story of a play that nearly happened about a war that never occurred, as told by the mannequins who were there.

Bellingham TheatreWorks continues its commitment to celebrating stories of significance to the Pacific Northwest with Steve Lyons' comedy Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War. The Pig War was a boundary dispute between the United States and Britain over ownership of the San Juan Islands. This war is significant because the only casualty was a pig.

The Pig War is one of the only examples in our country's history in which peace is chosen over war. And we have this inspirational, amazing story in our own backyard!!

Premiered during our 2017 season, Mrs. Bave Presents the Pig War is inspired by the wacky, true story of Emelia Bave, who, for 20 years, presented her play about San Juan Island's Pig War using a cast of mannequins because no one on San Juan Island wanted to in her play! But this time, her cantankerous Pig War mannequins spring to life, and take over the telling of the Pig War tale!

Emelia Bave